Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mixed Fruits Custard

Ingredients :
2 bananas – chopped
4 peaches – chopped
1 mango – chopped
½ cup fresh cream
½ litre milk
2 tblsp corn flour
8 tblsp sugar
1 pkt halaal strawberry jelly
2 tblsp china-grass
6 tblsp sugar
rose essence
Method :

- Make jelly in 2 cups boiling water. Cool and set. Then cut into pieces.
- Soak the china-grass in water. Boil 3 cups of water with 6 tblsp sugar and add the china-grass.
- Cook till it dissolves and turns thick. Cool it and mix rose essence and set. Then cut into pieces.
- Boil milk, add corn flour and keep stirring till it becomes thick and creamy. Remove from heat and mix 8 tblsp sugar. Cool and add cream.
- In a bowl, put the chopped mixed fruit and pour over custard. Decorate the top with jelly pieces and china-grass. Chill and serve.

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